Discovery Collection
Discovery Collection
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Discovery Collection

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Our Discovery Collection candles are the perfect way to discover your new favorite scents! These 3.5oz mini candles are WICKLESS meaning they do not have a wick and are designed to be used on a candle warmer (see pictures), similar to wax melts. They are perfect for small spaces like offices or classrooms that do not allow flamed candles.  


Bespoke is a bold blend of romantic amber, earthy oakmoss, and sweet citrus.
Vibe: Power Moves + Sexy Cologne

Clear Vibes A blend of earthy sage and fresh cut pineapple.
Vibe: Clarity + Uplifting Energy

Cozy Cuddles is a warm blend of amaretto, chestnuts, and caramelized sugar. 
Vibe: Netflix & Chill

Cranberry Peppermint Tart cranberries add a lively twist to the cool scent of peppermint. 
Vibe: Calm + Cool

Crush On You A sweet blend of luscious strawberries and warm buttery poundcake.
Vibe: A Sweet Note from a Secret Admirer

Feels Like Home is a mouthwatering blend of caramelized apples drizzled in maple syrup rounded out with aged bourbon.
Vibe: Grandmother’s Kitchen + Warm Apple Pie

NOLA Pralines A yummy blend of buttery caramel pralines.
Vibe: A Stroll Through the French Market District

Peach Nectar Juicy ripe peaches.
Vibe: Georgia on My Mind

Rose Absolute The essence of fresh cut roses.
Vibe: Love Always in All Ways

Rose Noir Take your rose on the dark side with this sultry blend of rose, plum, and pink pepper. This scent smells like a fine perfume and is not overly rosy. Customer favorite!
Vibe: Sky-High Stilettos 

Wine Down 
is a sophisticated blend of black cherries, French merlot, tangy raspberries, and creamy vanilla.
Vibe: Me Time + Smooth Jazz

is the essence of a luxe tropical escape blending fresh coconut, sandalwood, and cedar.
Vibe: Island Escape + Vacay All Day

blends sweet peppermint with earthy eucalyptus for a refreshing spa-like scent.
Vibe: Spa Day + Do Not Disturb  

Product Details

  • 3.5 oz. Net Weight
  • Wickless Candle Designed to Be Used with a Candle Warmer
  • Wax Will Not Evaporate Like a Flamed Candle, Discard When Scent Is Gone
  • 15 Hour Approximate Scent Time
  • Custom Soy Blend Wax
  • Toxin Free Fragrance Oils
  • Perfect for Small Rooms and Travel